What are the Worst Used Cars to Buy?

It was not that long ago that buying a used car meant taking your chances. People would run the risk of purchasing a car with faulty equipment such as a poor engine, alternator, and transmission. Fortunately, there are now many websites and consumer reports that inform people of the best and worst used cars to buy.

In order to help avoid, buying a 'lemon,' the following is a list of the worst used cars to buy:

GMC Canyon 2004 to 2006 models: Used car dealers have been warned to keep away from the 2004 to 2006 models of the GMC Canyon primarily because of issues with the brake lights. Some reports indicate that they fail to come on when the brake is applied or they come on and do not go off even when the brake is no longer engaged.

Chrysler Sebring: Problems noted include: poor reliability, poor cabin quality, poor performance, and problems with the engine, air conditioning and heating systems.

Ford Explorer: Problems noted included: coolant and oil leaks, clanking timing belts, and ticking valves in the 4.6-liter engines.

Volkswagen Passat: The Volkswagen Passat has had a number of issues linked to its used models. These include steering problems, engine and engine cooling issues and problems with the fuel system.

Dodge Intrepid: Problems noted included: engine troubles with the 2000 model, faulty airbags and seatbelts, and electrical problems.

Pontiac Aztek: The Pontiac Aztek is widely acknowledged to be a mistake by GM, and with good reason. Problems with this vehicle include the brake system, issues with the heater and cooling systems, engine problems and electrical trouble. Some car pundits loathe this car because its engine is weak. Some drivers also found it rather ungainly to handle.

BMWs (With automatic transition): These cars are known for their excellent engineering, but not everyone is enthused about the automatic transition BMWs. A car buyer looking at a used BMW however should be aware of certain flaws. The automatic transmission has been found to have problems. In fact, many drivers have found that the automatic transmission is difficult to put into reverse at times. The cost for repairing it makes it an unwise choice for someone who can only afford a used vehicle.

Mazda RX-8: Used car buyers have also reported engine problems with Mazda RX-8.

Kia Sedona: Used car buyers have also reported engine problems with the Kia Sedona. Some consumers have also reportedly experienced rusting of the tailgate of the Sedona.

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